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@MandyNoona haha.. although neck will go with that right? ??..haha.. everybody wants a piece of my MARK!! hahaha.
@luna1171 LOL yeah I guess neck would work... and Mark is just so loveable it's hard not to want a piece right? My bias is Jackson, but Mark, Junior, and JB get rude and forget their place sometimes and make we waver a bit. lol
@MandyNoona yes I know..and Jackson is my second.. well Markson is like first place .haha I can't really separate them ..well is hard to explain. .hahhaha
@luna1171 No I understand COMPLETELY. There's Mark and there's Jackson and then there's Markson. 3 different things altogether. Mark is this cute shy but still cool handsome guy who is patient and understanding. Jackson is this cool and confident energetic goof ball who sometimes doesn't know what he's doing but manages to even make that look good. But when you put them together, Mark turns into a giggling fun loving talkative and competitive thing and Jackson looses what little self control he has and turns into a little hyper skinship fiend. That is Markson. lol that's what I see anyway... and that's one of my favorite ships too. ;)
@MandyNoona understand me.. that's a relief. .hahaha..