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I made this using BTS' photos on their Ig (Ik it looks awful XD) but I'm convinced Jin & RM are the only ones still alive. All the theories I read made a lot of sense! Jin is the only one wearing shoes but you can't see RM' feet. You can tell they're all running & RM looks like he is just holding a stance as if to hide his shoes (maybe barefeet.. we'll find out soon). But idk maybe I'm overanalyzing... again What do y'all think?
I'm curious to what y'all have to say. I'll read comments later (If there are any lol) because its 5Am & I need sleep.
I thought up one. I commented somewhere that it was Jin who hit Jungkook with the car, because he seems to've been the only one who could drive and as a result he got depressed
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@thatoneoutcast I've never heard that. That is a really good theory!
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