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So a lot of people have been saying that my pictures are fake(mind my English I have dyslexia thank god for auto correct) no. They aren't. It takes me a very very very long time to make them. On average a small one will take 40-50 minuets and a larger one will take me 5-6 hours, even up to a month. I don't just edit them, I actually paint them and take my time. So please just because they look real, doesn't mean they are. It hurts getting such negative backlash just because they look like a realistic picture. It hurts because I try, I try so damn hard trying to please people and all I get is just terrible and awful backlash from people that don't support me. I'm probably just going to stop drawing from now on.
힘내요...ignore the haters
I just now went to see your art and I am very impressed. You do such a great job with the highlights and shadows.
@TerraToyaSi thank you. It's just so frustrating. Knowing all of these hours I took to do them and I get shit on about it.
they're just jealous of your talent @lizdickson