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Meteorologists All Over Spotted Wearing The Same Dress

If you watch the weather, you've probably seen this dress.

We've all had that moment when we see someone who happens to be wearing the same exact item as we are. In the beginning you might feel some type of way because you kind of wanted to feel exclusive, but then you realize -- "hey, I have pretty good taste". Well, the same can be said for several meteorologists all over who happened to be spotted wearing the same exact a-line dress while doing the weather. Turns out, it wasn't a coincidence. Like most jobs, being a meteorologist comes with a dress code -- literally.
One meteorologist decided to take matters into her own hands and created a group on Facebook for other women in the same field. A dress sold on Amazon for $23 was posted in the group and well, let's just say the rest is history. A Oklahoma meteorologist said, "Everyone saw how great it looked. At $23 we could buy a handful of these dresses for what we normally pay for just one." I mean really, who could pass up such a great deal? Let's not forget to mention that the dress is actually pretty stylish, hence why it happens to be so popular. The next time you happen to be watching the news and see a cheery meteorologist wearing a color a-line dress with a black pinstripe down the middle, you'll know why.

Would you wear this dress?

If so, you can get yours [here].
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Lol right!!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀 @matildajgarrett @PipPeeps
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Lol! This is great!
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Isn't it amazing? @ButterflyBlu
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Hah, well I meannnnn @arnelli
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