I have been vingle for a month or 2 but I can't seem to get gifs to work. I go to the add the link for a post and put in the link of the gif but it doesn't work. How do you put in gifs and stuff if that doesn't work?
I can't use GIFs from my phone, only my computer. I looked it up online and iPhones have this problem (I have a 5c). I'm not sure if other phones also have issues with it as I was specifically researching it for iPhone.
I'm not sure what the problem is but I just look up gifs on Google Images and save them. Then I add it to my card like I would a picture
i just save the gifs that I find online to my computer, and add them like I would a photo. all the ones i've done so far have worked. I haven't tried to add any cards from my phone yet so I don't know how to help you from that angle
are you making the gifts on your own? if you are using the app for gifts you need to cut them short because its too long and vingle doesn't support unless you get them from online. this happens to me when I try to make my own so I started to cut them in half.
You can also add gifs through the web with your computer. Hope this was helpful!