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This is for @VinMcCarthy 's Post for Nani November. Here is a link to the challenge Post ( Ok so here it goes... Papillon. One of my Favorite villians in all of anime. I mean just look at that tight suit. The Mask Makes it though. For those of you who Haven't seen it this is from Buso Renkin and it is an amazing anime i reccomend it .
The mask is the man. They say when a man wears a mask, he shows his true self. When Papillion first put on the make it was his appearance as the villian.
Dispite being a villain he is actually a pretty funny guy. He can rock anything but he does have a main costume.
He wears his Skin tight suit with Double Laces, Black with a pink Butterfly (Papillon) on his crotch. He also has shoulder puffs just because he is that fabulous.
Ride away in your Magnificent outfit you beautiful creature.
this is so fabulous. I love it.
lol thanks @VinMcCarthy
wats the name of this anime
@charlesnash Buso Renkin
nice he looks different