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Hey! So I'm a writer, and I would really like some help with some things. You see I could go....and research random peoples story, but I'm giving all of you a chance to put your stories out there anonymously! Now you may be thinking I'm trying to steal your life and I promise I'm not. That's why I'm giving you the choice to tell me and you can tell me as little to as much as you want! Here's what I need to know: Do you believe in love? Why or why not? What does it feel like to be deaf? How do people react to it? How did you find out you were gay/lesbian how do people react How did you now you were ftm/mtf how do people react? Do you believe in save who you can, or give you life to try to save everyone you can? Why? Why would someone put walls up so they don't have to get close to people? Please help me in this! If you want to be mentionioned I will mention you! You have my vingle word ^_^
is there maybe any more detailed info? :)
So, this is like a little survey, right mew?
I have a story. 5 years ago when I was only 13, I took a trip to Beirut, Lebanon. my grandfather had a beautiful villa near the ocean. at the time I didn't understand how dangerous it really was there. on my way home from the convienence store I crossed a english middle school. I saw a girl sitting alone on a swing set, knowing women can't be out by themselves I asked to walk her home. then I realized she was crying I asked her what was wrong? in a faint tone she said I don't have a home. then she leaded me down the street to a broken down house with blood in the window. I asked where are your parents, she wouldn't respond. I began walking to the open doorway the doors hanging on one hinge. three bodies lay on the floor in front of me, a man, a woman, and a little girl only 5 or 6 at best. I couldn't contain myself i lunged over and puked all over the porch. I decided to bring her home with me, my grandfather I love him for this. he said, little girl what's your name? Ako she replied. grandpa said do you wanna stay here, we have plenty of room. she didn't respond. well, do you like my grandson? she said yes. grandpa said then stay here with him and remember who was there when you had no one. she walked over to me and hugged me I wish that moment never ended. 2 month's later, it was nearing my birthday the three of us went to a major city in Afghanistan. I wanted to see the soldiers I admired so much. ako and I went to the tall 6 storie building surronding a bunch of slightly smaller buildings. as a large caravan of marines and humV's passed by I saw 3 men atop each of the other buildings across the street. next thing I know boooom! boooom! booooom! rpgs were not without devastating effect. gunfire starts pounding off I thought to myself I have to protect ako. I had her hop on my back and close her eyes. I don't know if they were but I wish they were. as I run down flight after flight, I hear screams of unlucky suvivors children looking over their parents bodies entire families dead on the couch. finally I made it to the road. what now! I rush to decide. a marine scoops me and ako up and brought us to a nearby pile of rubble. he told us to sit tight but when he stood up a bullet flew strait into his head, brain and blood cover is as we try to bury ourselves in ruble. I'm holding ako close looking in her eyes, everything will be okay. I peered past her and saw an IED improvised explosive device planted next to her. before I could respond. it went off. I couldn't feel my body plaralysed on the ground when I rolled my head I saw a sight that still makes me want to scream. when I got back to the states 3 days later I never spoke of it again for many years. I'm tearing up right now thinking about it. cherish the one you love before death ripps you apart. My name is Joshuwa Kelley and this is a true story about my past.
well , putting walls is related to fear of facing the same bad situations that occured in their lives , its a kind of escaping from fears so they are directed towards being introvert and unsocial, but the best way to overcome fears is facing it and to kill that fear, as it is an illusion that destroy the human life ,, kill fear before it kills you
I think the one who is deaf has a quiet life , he is isolated from awful noisy people , some have empathy to that person , some are helpful, according to everybody's view of mercy, but many people hear well , but they never hear the inner truths inside them , but some deaf hear the inner truth and are not misled, their inner voice always tells them where to go
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