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Heyo!! (man I have a lot of catching up to do...but never fear I will do all the cards I have missed...bad fever you know) This is a pretty cliché question that we have been asked millions of times...but for the fun of it I will answer this question. To be stranded in an island in what I presume the middle of nowhere would suck....and I know I would NOT last a day out there by myself...I would die in the most pathetic way (I believe)... if I had a choice to have someone be stranded with me it would have to be......someone who I could count on and stuff.....
That's right I choose.....Natsu Dragneel!!! Sure he's pretty much an idiot half the time...ehh...but I truly believe that given this situation he would be proactive in keeping us safe and warm! We have to exclude Happy because he could fly which would ruin the point of being stranded! As we could use him to fly us out of there or get help! Natsu protects and loves his nakama, so I know that he would fight off any animal that tries to get near our camp!! Also, he is pretty smart when the time calls for it so I know that he would help in making shelter somewhere.... whether that be on a tree, the beach, or a cave........ Another plus side is that he could be entertaining as the long days pass....its better to be happy and laugh than living everyday worrying! yeah I think that's all!! Heh Tagging @VinMcCarthy
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natsu is a great choice. he could keep you warm and also entertained!