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There have been many opinions on who Natsu, from Fairy Tail, should be paired up with: •Lissana Strauss- A childhood friend that was known to be dead, but later discovered to have been in another dimension called Edolas. •Lucy Heartfilia: A runaway that used to live with her strict commanding father and memory of her deceased mother. Joined Fairy Tail with the help of Natsu.
NaLi: Natsu × Lissana •These two have been friends since they were children and Lissana even made Natsu promise that they would get married when they are older. Later on during an S-Class mission, Lissana is "killed" by a monster that her older brother Elfman tried to takeover. Unfortunately, that disaster led to several years of sadness to Natsu. • Later on, after the Edolas arc, Natsu and Lissana become great friends again, but is there love meant to be or are they meant to stay friends?
NaLu: Natsu × Lucy •These two met when a fake Salamander was using a spell to gain popularity. The only way to break the spell was if your soul mate, or true love, was before you- which broke the spell for Lucy may I add. •Natsu took her to the guild of her dreams, Fairy Tail, and helped her join. They formed a team and went on various missions together -with Happy, Gray Fullbuster, and Erza Scarlet of course. •Is this a strong friendship or something much more?
Okay, I know that some of you guys ship him with another person, which is ok. Everyone is in titled to their own opinion. Comment who you think Natsu should end up with. Lissana, Lucy, or whoever.
These are just are just some random pictures I had in my gallery. Enjoy!! ~QueenHikari
me x Chocolate is the perfect match XDD Nalu All The Way For Me!!!!!
mashima himself actually stated that it ends up being NaLu, and they have a kid named Nashi I think.
its NOT NaLi!!!! ITS NALU!!!!! get ur story straight bruh!👌
nalu!! 🔑🔥
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