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It's Tuesday, which means it's time to look back at the NFL's Week 11 and check out the week's top plays!

5. Eric Reid vs. Seahawks

If you know me, you know I love defense, so I couldn't help but include this amazing hit by 49ers safety Eric Reid. It looks like Baldwin is headed for the end zone but Reid denies him at the door. Stood UP!

4. Aaron Rodgers vs. Vikings

Rodgers may not be having his best season, but this play perfectly represents everything we've seen him do in the past few seasons. He rolls out and makes an absolutely perfect throw, a total dart, into the corner of the end zone while on the run. There's no one better at throwing on the move than Rodgers!

3. Sammy Watkins vs. Patriots

Watkins shows off his crazy talent with an amazing one-handed grab for a first down against the Pats. Buffalo put up a good fight but couldn't knock down the undefeated Patriots. In any case, Watkins continues to impress and looks like he'll be a star for years to come.

2. Darren Sproles vs. Buccaneers

This is a vintage Darren Sproles play. Set up a slip screen for the little man and give him a few blockers; he'll do the rest. This is what he's made a name for himself doing in the league for a few years now and he showed that even at his age he's got plenty of speed! Great blocking by the Eagles' receivers downfield, too.

1. Cecil Shorts III vs. Jets

We saw some real trickery in Houston, with a classic execution of the WR pass! Cecil Shorts was a quarterback in college and he showed off his skills with a perfect pass to RB Alfred Blue. Great play design, even better execution!

Which one was your favorite?

My favorite has to be the Darren Sproles play! He's a beast haha
shorts with that pass though