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This is a joke right?!? To pick ONE anime out of ALL the ones I have watched...... hmmmm CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!! No but, this will be difficult.... only one to choose for the rest of my life?!? Aigoo....this is hard but don't worry I think I got one.....
The one anime I would love to watch forever is.... TOKYO GHOUL!!!! It was so amazing when I first started and it kept reeling me in as more episodes came out....then I read the manga....finished the the sequel to it (currently)..... saw the second season..... there were a lot of tears during this process! Then I decided to watch the unrated (or was it uncut?)version of the anime.....and HOLY HELL was that the most gruesome thing I have ever watched (but I have a thing for gore so I am always trying to find new anime's like success)..... Besides I love the characters because for once the good guys are the bad guys.....with the main cast as the ghouls so you obviously sympathize with them and wish death upon the was a new perspective to something we all are familiar.... Ken Kaneki is my baby boy.... (okay yes i am kaneki biased a bit) he has suffered through a lot....and I would be happy to have only this one anime to watch (so I could learn all the lines) yeah that's it..... Okay the last gif is pretty creepy if you don't know the context of it.... Tagging @VinMcCarthy Also @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku
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@ArmyofKookie Hah it is pretty creepy
yea it's really true they made ghouls seem innocent and being forced to kill to live and regret it
how kaneki hair gets longer and nappy when his hair turned white
lol that last gif is even creepier knowing the context!
dope choice