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We've all been there.

As much as we love them, sometimes our family has a way of asking questions we honestly don't really have the answer for. Whether it's dealing with our love life or our life in general, they have a way of asking and wanting answers on the spot -- especially during the holiday's. During the holiday's, people expect you to be in a relationship and if you aren't they want answers as to why. Maybe you're just enjoying loving yourself at the moment, despite the multiple times you remind them every single year.
Sometimes we tend to think things and say something totally different, well the video seen above expresses all those feelings and so much more. Trust me, you're not alone. It happens to the best of us. To remind yourself the questions you're bound to be asked this holiday, check out the video [seen above] and prepare for the worst by working on being the best.

What's question are you constantly asked every holiday?

"y tu novio?" ....they ask if I have a boyfriend lol
Haha, they waste no time with that question @petmame83
so when are you getting married?
Lol relatable! @alywoah