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REALLY RIGHT STUFF (RRS) of San Luis Obispo, CA is a top shelf designer & maker of Arca-Swiss compatible camera plates, heads, rails, tripods, cinema support equipment, and SOAR (Sport Optic And Rifle) supports.
RRS produces intelligently designed and beautifully made replacement tripod collar foot components for Nikon's super telephoto lenses (Nikon finally decided to create a replacement foot standard which works across several lenses including the 300mm f/2.8 VR, 500mm f/4 AF-S & VR, 600mm f/4 AF-S & VR).
The RRS replacement foot comes in two flavors - the LCF-14 & LCF-16. The difference between these two feet is the height of the foot from tripod to the four-bolt & female pegged collar attached (and integral) to the lens. The LCF-14 is designed for the smaller 300mm f/2.8 - the LCF-16 is designed for the larger 500 & 600mm lenses.
ABOVE - The Nikon - Nikkor AF-S 500mm f/4D ED IF Series II lens - 18 inches of pure super-telephoto excitement.
Make no mistake, it's a beast and it requires a very stable, steady mount to keep it from being unwieldy. In the photo above the STOCK Nikon tripod collar foot is in place. It is NOT equipped with an Arca-Swiss dovetail and therefore an additional plate (seen attached) is required. This foot is very tall and shifts the center of gravity for the lens upward. It is nearly twice the weight of the RRS.
BELOW - The Really Right Stuff LCF-16 lowers the weight and the center of gravity for the lens making it easier to find the balance point (where the lens and camera body are equally balanced on either side of the mount connection for your gimbal arm or tripod head).
WHAT IS THE BIG FUSS ABOUT WEIGHT? Weight is a practical issue with big lenses; the heavier the overall rig the more difficult it is to transport. Every ounce, every pound you add; is more weight you have to carry into the field. It adds up quickly. Another issue you want to be aware of for with big, heavy lenses of vital importance is stability. The lens and camera above represent an investment that is well above the $14,000 line. That's right... nearly $15,000 for ONE camera body and ONE lens. Now imagine how you'd feel if your after-market lens foot snapped off and all of that money came crashing down into a lake - or down the side of a mountain... you might be inclined to throw yourself off that mountain after it. RRS uses T6 aircraft aluminum and the most modern CNC milling machines to create feet for your lenses that are as durable or MORE durable than the foot that came with your lens. You can trust that it's not going to snap or break or let you down. I have used RRS plates and feet for years and they are still going strong and show no sign of anything other than the best manufacturing.
Having the Arca-Swiss dovetail built into the lens foot and then shaping the foot into a comfortable handle/grip is a signature RRS ergonomics design feature. Once I put this foot on my lens, I've had no desire to take it back off.
For more about Really Right Stuff, please visit their website - For specific information about tripod plates, replacement collars, and replacement collar feet for Nikon lenses, please visit this page :
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