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Ahh...zambies....these wonderful undead creatures...they are just misunderstood you know all they want is a hug ^-^/....... (yes I wrote that right my sis calls them like that, so it stuck) I would rather have an entire team of people around me... because I don't like to be hugged heh
Hmmm.....I think I would go for....ummm ...Ken Kaneki....I couldn't think of anyone else...I must watch more shounen Imagine all the damage he could do with his kakuhou....damn it would be amazing!! Especially in his Centipede form....amazing (although i wouldn't want to be around him during that time...I don't want to die) Also the whole regeneration has its plus side although it will take time if its a huge wound..... It would make it easier to escape as he could use his quinque to pretty much climb walls (if you count making holes) No zambie is a match for Kaneki!! No more hugs for them!!! Heh Well I think this is it!!! Tagging @VinMcCarthy @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku
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I like this pick! though I wonder if zombie flesh can be eaten by ghouls...