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These boys are so entertaining to watch that I ended up with a LOT more screen shots than yesterday. Between the faces and gestures there was too much to pass up!
They gave a very enthusiastic run down of the photos released a few days ago themed for the "Energy of Youth". These two were a very good pick to be commenting on that ^_^
They took some jabs at some of the other members buuut they love em so it's all in fun! V showed us some of his sweet skills on a board. They were extremely fun to watch and listen to! So everyone should go get the V app so they can watch them too!
@KokoroNoTakara You really do because it's hilarious! Uhm I don't have a link but it's an app so you just have to search V live broadcasting app, or just V app, in the Google play store or apple store
@MadAndrea Damnit Maddie give me a link!!! I must see my two favorite BTS boys being the dorks they are...