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Tell Me Something I Don't Know. 💫

Boy: hey! Girl: yaaa.. *looks* Boy: Tell me somthing I dont know. *smiles* Girl: What do yhu mean? Boy: Well i see over here thinking, yhu seem to be all alone. Girl: Well..*looks away* i guess I lik being alone. Boy: *laughs* noo U dont stop lieing, tell me somthing else, com' on its not that hard to speaking your mind. U know yhu can trust me. *grabs her hand* Girl: Well oka *breathes* What if i had the power to put the world in the state of peace, how would yhu feel about that. Would yhu still love me if i had such power. *looks at him straight in the eyes * Boy: *laughs and smiles* yas of course! but I dont think anyone 1 would hav the power like that, its impossible. Girl: *looks away and pulls her hand back* Well I do, and thats somthing yhu don't know. Boy: * stares in shock* *to be continue*
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