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Noona November- Woozi

I'm so disappointed in myself for not being able to post something about Woozi on his birthday but that wasn't my fault my internet has been acting all kinds of funny lately so I apologize.
But even tho his birthday passed (& even tho I'm 5 months older than him it still counts lol) I'm still going to make a card about him because at his age he has accomplished a lot & I'm so proud of this cute adorable guyy.
But I also want to give credit to the people who made the gifs that im going to share with the rest of you!
He has this charisma that makes you want to watch him over & over again ughghghgh I just love this little magic ball of human
He's a little goof but its okay we all love him anyways
To me Lee Jihoon Is one of the most talented in Seventeen.
He sings sooooo amazing like If his voice was a person I would marry his voice.
He writes their songs & even tho he thinks that they arent any good they are & I hope he doesnt get nerves whenever a new song is released because he thinks that fans wont like it because let me tell you everything he does is art & I could hear his songs for the rest of my life
He worked hard to be good at dancing & let me tell you that he is so good now that he even dances against Hoshi.
He Produces their music too & he helps all the other Seventeen members be the best that they can be. & I feel that that's the greatest thing that he does because they all sound so good together & i feel that that wouldn't be possible without Woozi
& Even tho he might have a slight anger proablem I still love him so much & I'm so proud of Lee Jihoon for everything that he has done so far. I hope he can get farther in his career
The pre-debut woozi gif actually broke my heart. HOW CAN ONE TINY HUMAN BE SO CUTE!?
@kpopandkimchi I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL UGH
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