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Hey guys how ya doing? Sorry for not being active as much (Thanks High School) I think it's about time to rebel and do this card during study hall XD
So recently I finished this awesome anime series and wanted to talk about with you guys! Since I finished itI told my friends and so far they like it too (Recommended by me they should always like it jk) I'm really hyped about meeting pride in season 2 also, which is coming next year! Man hurry up! What do you guys think about this anime and who's your favorite character? (Mine's Ban)
I love King! He's my favorite! I'm going to start reading the manga soon cuz I can't wait until next year for season 2 to come out.
omg I love ban! he's so hot!
Just finished it last night, the show is great. One of the better ones I've seen in awhile, and Ban is the ish! but I also like Merlin... But I think thats just based on looks and power, I like Ban's character due to personality.