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Today was a big day! As we all know the new 'Run' MV teaser was released so we were presented that by Jin and Jungkook - the 4 Year Gap Team!
Accompanying the video was many smiles and reactions from Jin, as per usual for this smiley guy! However, Jungkook seemed to have bit of a poker face for much of the short video, but maybe it only seemed that way in comparison to Jin's ever-changing expressions. They both said that there was only two really hot, good looking guys in the video! What a couple of pretty boys right? Lastly, I want you all to know that I worked really hard to get that last screenshot of a lovely smile from him! Now seriously, everyone go download the V app because it's free and let's us see many groups live! It's a godsend to us international fans because subs usually go up the very next day for short videos, and not too long for the longer ones!