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Fighting Fire with Fire: Who would win?
Who would win in a match and why? Fairy Tail's Natsu Dragneel or One Piece's Portgas D. Ace?
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@CodySeal go on and just go somewhere else because youre obviously just going to be a pissy brat and not actually state anything that would lead to any valid points and when you try they will be jaded and not even completely correct due to the fact that youre so pissed off that someone WHO ISNT YOU has.... DIFFERENT TASTES THEN YOU! OMG ITS SO HORRIBLE RIGHT?! you dont see me getting pissy over the fact that you dont like SAO. what i just commented isn't even being pissy its stating facts. you basically caused this: me: heres a fact with deatils behind something around that fact. you: you dont know anything you idiot. me: it bores me. im not gonna waist my time. you: *let me stoop to child mode talk shit about the only thing i know about him.* your face sucks
@randysqwishy23 and ur a 12 yr old girl stating you just wrote me a book and spouted nonsense, in your previous example you gave us a sloppy definition of magma. and ended with bye Felicia are u 5?
@CodySeal see more proof of how childish you are with that last comment. you managed to come uo with my age twice and call me a girl. is that like a record for you? do you want a medal? and if you understood how magma actually works youd know its a light statement.