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Who would win in a match and why? Fairy Tail's Natsu Dragneel or One Piece's Portgas D. Ace?
well Natsu eats fire, but Ace is fire.....so I guess in a sense Natsu could just eat him if he really wanted to....
for those that only know some of one piece and dont know about trageties in one piece this comment cointains a *HUGE *SPOILER* *spoiler* *SPOILER ALERT* I SAID *SPOILER ALERT* for you who say ace is immune to physical and fire attack... you do realize he was killed by a devil fruit user that uses magma right? and you do realize mamga is molten eart... meaning its flaming earth that made that peice of earth turn into liquid while its still on FIRE... you know that right?
I love both these characters and since Ace is a logia type devil fruit user technically Natsu could eat him. Death by devouring! ( ̄□ ̄)
@DevilsSon I'm in agreeance. Natsu can eat fire, but with the logia ability to not be injured by physical attacks and Ace's ability to not be harmed by fire, I feel like it'd all just come down to stamina. Or the two of them laughing and calling it a great fight and then partying
Natsu since he eats fire and fire doesn't affect him at all
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