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I have a question. Help?

Is there a way to change my username on this app? it appears it just took my email address, but I would really love to change my UN to a name I currently use for everything. I would like to change it to all my UN and Gamer tags i use to associate myself with my gaming, anime, and "nerdy" convos. - which is Fizzieizzy. Not the email I came up with in high school... drumlinechick. That type of name is wayyy to old to descibe my post today! Any help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!
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@drumlinechicklb I had to look it up on Vingle's website, but see the fix above ^
There definitely is a way to change it. I had the same problem. You can't use the mobile app, you have to go on an actual computer and open Vingle in an internet browser. Then click on you profile, and hit the dropbox that says "edit profile". For some reason, it only works on actual computers and not smartphones.
Thanks, but this is my Twitter @drumlinechicklb I can bearly stand to use Facebook but I enjoy Vingle's social media a lot more. This is about all I use now. :p
Your welcome! @drumlinechicklb
@shinigamiSan thank you sooo much!!!