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whoever said the schedule was the same as last album was right. At 28 seconds my baby gets punched! WAT IS THAT ABOUT!!!!!!!!! They do look like they are being bad children before that too. Omo I can't wait.
Took this from another post but yea it is Kookie
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@SugaOnTop Maybe kookie hit him BECAUSE suga killed himself for kookie. Maybe it was like a "why would you do that!" thing and so Kookie got so mad he hit him.
I can see that
Someone said that Suga is spitting out alcohol (in I Need U [photos], there was alcohol and whatnot in his hotel room) and not blood. Like Suga turned to drinking when someone died and Kookie is literally trying to knock some sense into him.
yea Suga doesn't need to drink like that
@SugaOnTop suga stole his underwear for the last time