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For wedding season, there's more than just dressing up for your wedding day. There are all the other events, such as Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Post-Nuptial Brunch...and the list goes on!
Instead of wearing what's in your closet, splurge for next to nothing by renting your garments and accessories for these events. While there are different options out there, I have shared before, about one of my favorite rental houses, Rent The Runway. Their easy-to-use website takes the stress out of ordering. Also, they have 4-day and 8-day rental options. Everything from bridal gowns to jewelry and handbags.
This #BridalShower look that I put together is chic, simple and isn't cluttered with a bunch of things to rent. While you could purchase these three items for close to $700, wouldn't it be so much better to rent for a little over $100?! Makes sense to me!
All of the pieces shown are from Rent The Runway, which you can see here.
Calvino Gray Sheath
$80 Rental $415 Retail
Ella Carter
Dylan Earrings
$10 Rental $78 Retail
Vendetta Palm Cuff
$25 Rental $175 Retail
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