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I won't waste your time; I WOULD CHOOSE THE PINK MORGANITE!!!!!!!!!!!
This is morganite. It's a beryl gemstone and well known for it's feminine peachy-blushy-coral coloring. According to the International Colored Gemstone Association, the most important factor when choosing a morganite stone is the color and then the cut. Also, the bigger the better, is VERY TRUE for these stones, as smaller stones simply can't radiate the exceptional quality that comes from bigger stones.
If you're looking for something PINK, charming, feminine and downright pretty, go with the morganite. The ring pictured is sold by Barkevs for $3,265. It's made of 14k rose gold.
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good choice @sanchez25
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both. :)
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Only in larger karat weights
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large carat diamonds are completely mesmerising!
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