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More BTS theories?
Okay, so with BTS' new trailer, 'Run', It go me thinking; Jungkook is the one singing. Okay, pretty normal right? Well a little weird if you've seen what I've seen
They are all waving, right? Except for Jin. He just looks into the camera. I forgot who made this theory (Sorry! if you know l, please tell me!), but this is what they said; "It looks like they are all waving goodbye to Jin! In the 'I Need U' video, everyone either dies or does something bad! But Jin is the only one who survives.
watching the new trailer run, Jin is the last er person you see before the trailer ends. And you see Jungkook hitting Yoongi(Suga). So I think that Jungkook starts fighting with Everyone and then they all started getting mad at each other. Causing Jin to turn mute.
Have anything to add? Please comment down below!! Also if you haven't seen the Video, here it is
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my question is why is Jungkook the only one to look away from the camera? Why does he look down? what is he ashamed of?
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@tlw490253 hmm.. that's a good question... I'm not sure..
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this is so CREEPY
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@Bitterlimelight, @tlw490253 maybe because kookie hit suga and felt ashamed for what he did idk just a theory
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@EmilyGardner I would assume so as well.
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