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It's Rap Monster's day! Let's enjoy a quick look at some of his key points.

Such a gifted rapper, like, ridiculously gifted. He raps fast, slow, fun lyrics, and deep lyrics. He pretty much does it all!

But sometimes he doesn't do dancing... or I should say he can't do dancing.

Usually if he takes it slow and steady he's all good!

But if he's feeling the music..

I mean REALLY feeling the music..

Well then, you're in for a treat! He looks so happy and into it that you can't help but love every moment of it!

Another thing he can't always do is controlling his face.

But when he looks relaxed or happy he's one of the most beautiful wonders of the world.

Another point about him. Clumsy. Just clumsy. Falling, breaking things...

Speaking of breaking things, he breaks Jimin's spirit. From the original no jams comment to the shoe analogy, he's got that down.

We love him though from his mad rap skills to his clumsy, uncoordinated, and hyper active behavior!

lol his dancing on weekly idol is so cute😃 thanks @MadAndrea😁
@SarangRavi I usually go to Google images and type in whatever I want + "gif" and save them to my computer or phone then add it like a regular photo
@destiny1419 Kinda went a little over board lol. The vingle app kept crashing while I was making it because of all the gifs, but dammit they were all necessary!
He is the love of life!!! 💙💙
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