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@alywoah put up a cool card about Angela Bassett, who is a bad ass actress and DOES NOT look her age at all, she looks wonderful! Time did not catch her at all! Anyway, this has been an debate at my job and among new people I meet. They usually get my age wrong and it's funny so here is my question.. You guys already know i am ill, no not mentally any maybe I might have slipped and told a few of you my age.. In that cause Shut your mouth kindy
So, yeah guess away! And I will throw one extra photo!
This should be fun @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @nobankai @BeannachtOraibh @buddyesd @JonPatrickHyde @trin1991 @TessStevens @danidee @jordanhamilton and whoever wants to jump in.. And no I won't get insulted if you say I'm like 100 Xoxo L A Von York
In the history of Ever! This is my favorite photo! I game hard in the paint
@LAVONYORK Don't the ladies get mad when you guess their age? Is this some sort of trap? *Raises brow*
@LAVONYORK girl, I know all about that hip pain. Fortunately, I've invested in a crap ton of those heat-activated disposable patches and I just slap one on when I'm having a little pain.
@danse sounds like a plan! @buddyesd yo sensacion bonita, I think lol. That was choppy as hell. You want to be my Tutor? Lol @OkamiOtaku nope never needed a push up 😂😂 I always trying to give some away
Somewhere between 17 and 21.
ejecto seato cuz= winning Spanish lol
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