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This Man’s ‘Money Suit’ Experiment Could Change The Way You See Humanity
People will let their pride fly out the window while chasing a dollar.
This week, we got a prime example of human greed via a video experiment by YouTube sensation Coby Perskin.
Persin covered a suit jacket in dollar bills and walked the streets of Manhattan. He held up a sign that simply read, “Take what you need,” and people were free to indulge in response. The results will make you weep for mankind.
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Sadly, the folks who took the money didn't look like the needed the money at all.
One suit-clad subject told Persin, “I don’t need it, but it’s free. Who wouldn’t take it?” A lady with a Louis Vuitton purse filled her bag with dollars. Likewise, another woman was thrilled to hit the jackpot: “I have a nail appointment tomorrow."
The only person who showed some self control was a homeless person, who probably needed the cash the most. The way the lady was taking the dollars for her nail appointment (who looked like she hasn't seen a hard days work in her life) made me sick.
If this is an example of what the majority of people would do in a situation like this, we need to do better across the board.
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Wow. Humans truly do suck. Smh. That last guy had me in tears... Wtf is wrong with people?!
I saw this on Facebook!! Ahh it makes me so angry to see people being like this. And yeah, the one at the end made me cry too @ButterflyBlu I'm so sappy
lol don't feel bad! I'm a huge sap, too! <3 It was just amazing to see someone so selfless after all the selfish takers before him. :(
Isn't it crazy how we all strive for money, but the people that end up being kinder and more giving tend to be those will only a little? We should all strive to be like them :) esp. with Thanksgiving coming up @ButterflyBlu