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The on-going debate of who’s the greatest rapper alive or who did it best was reignited earlier this month when Billboard released their list of the Best Rappers of All Time.
Earlier this week we saw The Game respond with a list of his own, and now Tyga shares has stepped up and shared his thoughts on the list.
Tyga’s biggest gripe with the list is that it skews too old, saying, “My thing is I think that you can’t put Kendrick on there and not put—See, it’s different because it’s like I just feel like this is a lot of older people. So, it’d be like the greatest rappers of all time if this came out [in] 2005. You gotta give Drake his credit. You gotta give J. Cole credit. As far as new…It’s their magazine. And that’s their opinion. Another magazine [would] put out a different opinion.”
While Tyga didn't give fans his top 10 of all-time, it was interesting to see Tyga pay homage to Drake despite his harsh lines delivered in "6pm In New York."
Does Tyga have a point though? Does the list lack balance in regards to acknowledging the impact of today's current stars?