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Yesterday Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a stop in Atlanta for a rally. Who better to introduce Bernie than ATLien Killer Mike?
Mike has proven to be well versed in politics and what's going on in his community. During the speech, he invoked Dr. Martin Luther King, said he doesn't want to relive the Reagan years, and quoted his song "Untitled". "In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that Senator Bernie Sanders is the right man to lead this country," he said.
He also told the crowd to "stay confronting bullshit wherever you turn."
"He's trying to talk truth throughout this country and, in fact, throughout the world—trying to bring people together," said Sanders. "Mike, thanks very much for what you're doing."
Bernie Sanders for President man... Bernie Sanders for President!
Wow!!! what an inspirational speech! Bernie for president!
Wow, what an interesting pairing. Hahaha I love that quote, "stay confronting bullshit wherever you turn."