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Concussions are a serious issue in Sports.
The lack of proper diagnosis is a huge issue in the game at the moment. Trainers are on the sidelines helping players battle injuries, work out cramps, etc. but in the blink of an eye a player can take a swift head shot and catch a concussion. Sometimes they are missed and players manage to stay in the game and play through the injury.
This weekend a freshmen guard at Central Arizona Junior College took a shot and suffered a concussion. Apparently the refs and coaches missed it and Trace Dimeff played on. Rather than signal to the sideline to get taken out of the game, Trace gutted through the injury and delivered a HUGE shot to give his team a chance to win the game.
It was in overtime, we were down five with about six seconds left when I made [the shot] to cut the lead to two” Trace told Dime Magazine. “I got subbed out right after and our team had a shot to tie the game as time expired but it didn’t go in.”
Talk about a big shot. Trace is a tough kid who made a big play when it mattered. With that being said, lets do a better job of getting him out of the game sooner, the last thing anyone wants to see is a kid go down after suffering a concussion.
But this could also be very serious in the future......
Wow...what a beast!