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Ok I've never heard of these guys but this is fucking amazing. I mean damn.
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Lol definitely
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Rumors are flying around that they might disband!!!! 😭😭 So their company, MBK, is a crappy company that doesn't promote them well and only focuses on T-ara, and although they had a comeback recently rumors are that they might disband since MBK removed them as their artists on their website 😭 their labelmates F-ve Dolls also disbanded recently, which is sad bc they were the girls of CoEd School, the group Speed originally belonged to
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@fabyalexaa no way!!!!!! I hope that can continue somewhere else freaking T-ara
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@ivyheart13 I really hope they don't, Allkpop posts lies many times but I'm worried as to why they were removed from MBK's website
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Oh yea I don't trust all kpop that much hopefully its wrong
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