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Sakura Or Hinata
It occurred to me that Naruto always chased Sakura threw most of the show (other than Sasuke XD) Why should he keep chasing someone that didn't feel anything for him, while Hinata clearly showed interest in him even stepping up to the plate with Pain. It reminds me of real life, how we go around trying to get acceptance from someone and would do anything just to show it.
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Hinata bruh she's that one girl who's amazing but that no one notices because she's not loud or outgoing like the others
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hinata all the way
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Hinata <3
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Hinata, even if I find her a little weird. She kept Naruto's old messed up scarf since she was little...sure she loved him but you know if that happen in real life we would of lost it or our parents would have thrown it away.
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