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Stage name: MJ  Real name: Kim Myungjun (김명준) Birth date: March 05, 1994 Position: Main Vocalist, Dancer, Actor Height: 175cm Blood type: Specialty: Lame Jokes Web Drama Character: The cheerful vocalist, a mischievous joker who wants to be the mood-maker with 0% knowledge FACTS - He compete in 2012 JYP Ent.x HUM Audition  - He won a one year scholarship from Seoul National University in JYP Audition. - His favorite Marvel Character is Iron Man. - He was revealed by Fantagio via iTeen’s Performance Video "Lonely" by 2ne1. - His favorite Marvel’s character is Iron Man. - Moonbin said that MJ is a little bit weird (4D character).
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Specialty: Lame Jokes.....sounds like me too hahahahhahaha
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@kpopandkimchi haha, it sucks that he's extremely handsome but I couldn't find much pictures of him. :c
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