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(lol this is the best gif ever btw) but man, I started getting into Kpop after I discovered Super Junior. It's been 3 years since then...and now I have 5 bias groups plus two potential groups to add!! I just love music too much and there's sooo many good Kpop songs and groups out there.
the rookie groups are killing me this year...UP10TION had a fantastic debut and I was so impressed, they are one of the potential groups to stan for me. Then there's Day6 too for me.....(plus all the other rookies debut which are also pretty this year!) Day6 is really getting me though... Their debut MV was pretty good and I didn't pay much attention after that until someone retweeted a tweet from...Day6 member Jae...
like holy shit this guy is hilarious xD he speaks English and posts 90% in English so that's great for international fans. His humor is just on point. So naturally I became more interested in Day6...
like damn it, I didn't ask to stan yet another group!! But that's the Kpop world for a Kpop fan, never ending and always expanding haha! The members of Day6 are all pretty flippin talented. They have legit really good vocals, they don't just sing...they SING plus they all play instruments which is really nice~ Since their more like normal band image (play instruments, not so much dancing & whatnot) they focus mostly on their music and musicality and perform like a band. it's cool. Their like CNBLUE haha
here's a short video of Jae showing off his skills.(I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THE WHOLE VID CUZ THE ENDING...I WAS LOKE CRYING XD) anyways my fav song by Day6 is Colors...the musicality, melody, and harmonies in that song are just brilliant in my opinion <3
Lol Kpop is one of the best thing to happen in my life <3 Who's your favorite Rookie group this year???
It's a tie between Up10tion and A6P also a new group that I got into but I'm not sure debuted this year is B.I.G (Boys In Groove) I am obsessed with their song Hello it's so catchy
MONSTA X for me. It was instantaneous love haha!! But I really like UP10TION and Day6 as well ♥
I am totally into Day 6...ever since Congratualtions I've been sold!