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{{{ NOTE: SPOILER ALERT DONT READ IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED IT}}} For the past 2 hours, I was currently watching the movie TAZZA 2 which featured T.O.P and it literally blew my mind..... It blew my mind guys.... I laughed, I cried, I cursed under my pillow, I got surprised, so many emotions came to me from this movie. Btw, my innocence thought it was time to walk out the door because.... TOP YOUR NOT THE MAN I USED TO KNOW !!! T.O.P has gone all out on this and it was just Amazing. 😝 It was so adorable at the beginning, where all the little cheesy scenes and corny lines were but after an hour, I see gore, I see clothes being stripped, I even saw tits people, WTF TITS?!?!? But over all it was amazing because everything was solved into this πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»
Yep. I know it already all over vingle or something but I actually get to enjoy it in the movie itself 😏
If you haven't watched the movie, y'all probably won't have the time right now since its late (depending where you are hehe~) but find some time to watch it because it is just awesome. my innocence is long gone and I'll never see T.O.P the way I used to, I'm gonna go watch my original bias do his little kyumi dance >\\\ LET ME AT LEAST WATCH SOMETHING INNOCENT ;-;
***hello! I made a mistake and called kiyomi "kyumi" lawl ma bad***
it's a really great movie
Indeed it was @tannyo
Omg wasn't it just perfect