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Just watched TAZZA 2
{{{ NOTE: SPOILER ALERT DONT READ IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED IT}}} For the past 2 hours, I was currently watching the movie TAZZA 2 which featured T.O.P and it literally blew my mind..... It blew my mind guys.... I laughed, I cried, I cursed under my pillow, I got surprised, so many emotions came to me from this movie. Btw, my innocence thought it was time to walk out the door because.... TOP YOUR NOT THE MAN I USED TO KNOW !!! T.O.P has gone all out on this and it was just Amazing. 馃槤 It was so adorable at the beginning, where all the little cheesy scenes and corny lines were but after an hour, I see gore, I see clothes being stripped, I even saw tits people, WTF TITS?!?!? But over all it was amazing because everything was solved into this 馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎
Yep. I know it already all over vingle or something but I actually get to enjoy it in the movie itself 馃槒
If you haven't watched the movie, y'all probably won't have the time right now since its late (depending where you are hehe~) but find some time to watch it because it is just awesome. my innocence is long gone and I'll never see T.O.P the way I used to, I'm gonna go watch my original bias do his little kyumi dance >\\\ LET ME AT LEAST WATCH SOMETHING INNOCENT ;-;
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