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Let's be honest: one of the best parts of Thanksgiving, next to my grandma's delicious stuffing, is watching football.

While the games scheduled for this year's Turkey Day aren't the best, the Cowboys hosting the Panthers is an intriguing matchup.

While the two teams have vastly different records - the Panthers are a perfect 10-0 and the Cowboys are just 3-7 - this game feels like it'll be closer than that.

For one, the Cowboys have played most of the season without their key player, QB Tony Romo. His absence has basically caused the entire offense to stutter and it has shown as the team has fallen behind in the NFC East standings.
They also played more than a handful of games without their superstar WR Dez Bryant, who has returned in the past three weeks and looks as strong and uncoverable as ever. With Romo throwing to Dez just like old times, you can't really count the Cowboys out.
They also still have a stake in this game, as the poor quality of the NFC East on the whole means they still have a chance to make the playoffs. They're just two games behind the division-leading Giants.

The Panthers, on the other hand, have been riding high since Week 1.

Cam Newton looks like he's finally playing up to his potential and is putting together an MVP-caliber season. He threw 5 TDs last week in a big win over Washington and is basically unstoppable right now, crushing teams with his arm and with his legs. Running back Jonathan Stewart is also having a great season and has been extremely reliable on the ground.
The Panthers' defense is led by CB Josh Norman, who has emerged this season as one of the league's very best. Expect him to cover Dez Bryant the entire match in what will surely be the matchup to watch throughout this game. That's strength against strength.

My prediction

Call me crazy, but I think this one has upset written all over it. The Cowboys will have a fully healthy Romo and Bryant combination for the first time in weeks and they always play inspired football on Thanksgiving at home, a tradition that they are surely very proud of having each year.
I think the Panthers are for real, but I don't think they have it in them to go undefeated, and I think this is the week that it comes crashing down for them.

I'm taking the 'Boys in a close one, 31-27.

Do you see the upset coming?
i don't know. hard to say. they can go undefeated but i think the Cowboys will make it hard
gotta say Panthers, but w/ Romo back u can't count out the cowboys
@mackenzieorr186 Hey are you a Cowboys fan?
I'm going to go with the Cowboys as well!
Panthers !
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