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I am NOT a girly girl but I am sick and bored... People keep giving me girly things in hope I will become more girly... Decided to play around with these fake nails though I don't think they will last long as I am a gamer but they look cool now... I am sure my aunt didn't have this in mind when she gave them to me... Ha I found a better if only a short use for them... Amusement and fandom!!! Who sees my bias' inspiration in these??? They feel really weird though... If they don't pop off due to pushing buttons then I might pop them off forcefully out of irritation...
something tells me you're key biased? :p
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KEYYYYY!!!!! I feel like he's be so proud of these nails :D
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@kpopandkimchi OmG thanks for saying that!!! I would hope so... Key is amazing and Almighty...
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