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Happy Thanksgiving! I know that one thing is on your mind today. And that's food, food and more food. Well, after the giant feast you might get back into dieting. Here's a new trend that might help you out.
It's called the See Food diet. Essentially, the foods you want to eat, the amounts you want to eat, need to be left out!

That's right, this new diet suggests that leaving food in sight can help you with your dieting goals.

People in the See Food diet study who left fruit on their countertops weighed an average of 13 lbs. (6 kg) less than those who didn't have this healthysnacking option within arm's reach.
This can go bad though, so make sure you are leaving the right foods out.
Study participants who left cereal on the counter weighed an average of 20 lbs. more than participants who didn't keep cereal lying around. Say no to coco puffs people!

Please don't do this diet on Thanksgiving, otherwise you might just being getting a lot of sad penguin belly aches...

But if you are careful in your choices I foresee a healthy lifestyle, just as long as you leave food @InPlainSight (I'm sorry I had to)
Well, I bet having cereal is better than having booze on the table!
@mchlyang hahaha I guess that depends?!
Hahaha depends on the alcohol and the cereal @mchlyang