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So I saw LucyofFairyTail's original post where she wanted to form an online Fairy Tail guild. Basically, she wanted to form a close knit community of people to become friends and family. Now her online guild exceeded her expectations and had to stop accepting people due to such a high number of people wanting to be involved. SO, I'm here to propose a new group for anyone interested. There are some ground rules: Be excellent to each other. Support your fellow guild members. Anime discussions are not only allowed, but encouraged. Have role-playing conversations, just keep it pg13:p Get to know everyone. And most importantly, don't be a dick. Of course this idea and ruled are just the start of things. The guild will grow and become close. My idea is that I'm going to create a Facebook group where we can build it together and make it our own! I just set the ground rules, how it grows depends on all of us! If you are interested either comment or message me so we can get this started! __________________________________ (update#1) The group has been made, the first invites have been messaged to those interested in the comments, and we are still taking members!:D
Hi! <: I would just like to say I am really happy that the idea has grown so popular! BTW, thank you for crediting me! >u< I also want to tell you good luck on running your guild. Having a guild is definitely the best thing I have ever experienced, honestly after a while, everyone really does start to become a family. You are going to love your guild wolfpht. Trust me, it has made me the happiest person alive (no exaggerations.) Best of wishes to your guild! <333 c:
I am so game
I want to join! Sign me up!
Yes yes yes I'm interested 馃
I'm down for it.
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