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This is for the contest being hosted by @VinMcCarthy so check him out if you want to participate as well! Today's prompt who you wouldn't want to go on a date with.
My choice is Loly from Bleach because she was just a creepy b**** obsessed with Aizen. Plus, she did horrible things to my Orihime! I just can't forgive her for that even though Orihime herself could. I just can't stand her!
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the scientists girl in tartorus from fairy tail..... Creepy, Annoying, Bad Weird, and disgusting personality.....
@YurushiNoYami I agree she is the worst! Lol
loly is definitely a 100% on the creepy/crazy scale. stay away!
I'd go on a date with her just to kill her 😈😂
@Sharia Good point. Haha