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Ok so this drama has been on Netflix but I never paid any attention to eat because it looked uninteresting, so I just decided to watched to see if it was good and OMG it was I liked it from start to not so in the end. For some reason I DID not like the ending I felt that's it was in complete it was cheese and funny I loved the main characters "Go Eun Ah as Ji Seung Yeon" "Park Yoo Hwan as Kang Woo Hyun" "Kwak Yong Hwan as Kwon Ji Woo" they played their characters very good especially Park Yoo Hwan he has crawl into my heart their something about him that made the drama very good, so I did some research on Wikipedia and it said that the series was originally planned to be 16 episode's but then they change it to 14 episode's only I just wish they could made the ending more detail it lack something to the ending. But overall I enjoyed watching it, it's a drama that I will watch in the near future...!!
Here are some scenes that I liked the most I could add more but then again noo...enjoy
yes yes he is I was actually surprised too since I'm a big fan of his..
Wait whhaaaattt. Is that Song Minho in there (the first picture and the person who is farthest to the right?!