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Well here we go

What is up all...my name is willard. I needed a first post and someone I'm following posted about themselves so I thought I would follow in their foot steps. And sorry ahead of time for any grammar or spelling errors. I'm a student athlete who works 3 jobs and has an apartment(super busy!)
As you can see swimming competitively is a big part of my life and I love it and my team. If I didn't have my team I would be faced down in northeastern pa where I live(not really faced down more like working my life away)
As u can see I love dragonball z I watch all kinds of anime and read manga but these r pictures that show up on my fb news feed so it's all I have lol I'm always up for something new to watch so suggest it and I'll give it a chance
I also play Magic the gathering and enjoy Pokemon...the things I do in my spare time between school work and swimming hahaha I do read comics even though I have not bought any in a while due to money issues
I know ur next question what is ur major in college...I'm happy u asked I'm integrative media(fancy way of saying graphic designer) my passion and places I want to go with it is 3D design/animating and or video game design I want to be the guy who makes the next best video game
I almost forgot to mention that I like to cook!!! I'm a damn good cook...so let me cook for u sometime I won't let you down 😉 some of my favorite things to cook steak, cheesesteaks sauces for thinks like spaghetti or noodles or some sort sauté anything u might like...scratch that I like cooking all the things
I hope what I had to say didn't scare anyone away from becoming friends with me but I think I'm going to swim or maybe have a drink or 420 it up woot woot!!! Enjoy the rest of ur day or night or what ever it is when y'all read this and don't be a stranger