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BTS Rap Monster Day!
Rap Monster! His dimples are the cutest! He may seem serious but he can also be pretty silly and knows how to entertain and make you smile. 😁
Like here. Everyone else is being serious and he's over here making weird faces xD
His funny side just makes you stare. When I was watching this I couldn't stop smiling and it's contagious.
Then his rapping skills tho! They're fire!
Like omg how can you not enjoy? It's full of emotion and it's like it speaks to you. Before you know it you'll probably have it on replay for days. Unless you got no jams...
I looooooooove his solo stuff, he's seriously so talented for his age and experience level!
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@kpopandkimchi I know. When I first heard it too I was just speechless. I was just drawn in immediately. Like omg dip much talent.
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