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The leading men of K-drama are often too good to be true (but of course they all need a little work!) so the question is:

Who would be your leading man, if your life was a drama?

You can pick an actor or a specific character :D

For me, I'd pick Kang Moo Kyul from Mary Stayed Out All Night because he's sweet, sensitive, and even though he's a little childish, he's a really great guy!

So who is your ideal leading man?

I think my all time favorite lead is Gong Yoo as Han Kyul in Coffee Prince. He was willing to be with a "man" for the sake of his own feelings and sanity. I wish someone loved me the way he loved Eun Chan!!! He made me swoon in every scene!! He was ridiculously sexy, caring, sensitive, and had a great sense of humor. Ofcourse I'd take him in a heart beat!!!
Lee Min Ki in Flower Boy Band (Shut Up, Let's Go) I mean he dies but before that, he dotes on the lead girl. Buys her a ton of food and whatnot
Hyun Bin from Kim Sam Soon this was the 1st krappp
@krin It totally agree. I defintely want to meet someone that is as honest, open, and excited about me in the same way as Han Kyul was in regards to Eun Chan. Now I'm going to have to watch Coffee Prince again.
oi... such a freaking difficult question..
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