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The leading men of K-drama are often too good to be true (but of course they all need a little work!) so the question is:

Who would be your leading man, if your life was a drama?

You can pick an actor or a specific character :D

For me, I'd pick Kang Moo Kyul from Mary Stayed Out All Night because he's sweet, sensitive, and even though he's a little childish, he's a really great guy!

So who is your ideal leading man?

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Hmmm...I would pick either Kim Soo Hyun from My Love From Another Star or Minho from To The Beautiful You. Soo was absolutely adorable in MLFAS & he was so doting and caring in it! And the flip side: Minho may have been a little mean, but he was still so adorably sweet and tried his very best to protect Sulli and keep her secret. Plus I just love both of them so much~
Seo In-Guk from The Master's Sun, I LOVE HIS CHARACTER AND I ALSO LOVE THE WAY HE ACTS IN I REMEMBER YOU *screms* *falls off couch* *rolls outside* *rolls down the street* *rolls to airport* *gets a flight ticket* *rolls into plane* *arrives at destination* I'M HERE SOUTH KOREA
Lee Minho in Faith and Lee Seung-gi in Gu family book
ooooo can't forget Kwon Sang-woo in bad love I mean come on ....that scene lol too hard to choose
Same but from You're Beautiful.