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5 Reasons Archer Is The Greatest Party Partner Of All Time.
Archer might just be the best show on Comedy Central. Inside jokes that go the whole season *figuratively*, characters you are glad aren't your friends (but also kind of wish they were), and mommy issues so severe that its almost painful to watch.
But Archer really takes the cake in partying, because he just understands that all life really needs is a drink... and the entire bottle.
He knows how to get the ball rolling. Why waste time with food when alcohol works quicker on an empty stomach? Sounds like the perfect start to a day drink, plus can you say #skinny!!
He understands that sometimes, when shit is totally hitting the fan, all you need is a good drink. Why panic when you can chug is a motto I can get behind.
His comebacks are spot on and can pretty much shut up any person trying to hate on you for being drunk. I mean really, it isn't your fault they haven't learned how to talk in cursive yet...amateurs.
He never lies about having hangovers. He gets them just like everyone else....he just has become a master at avoiding them which is defiantly something you need in a partner in crime. Anyway to avoid that hammer dropping is a plus.
But the best part about him is he knows who his true party friends are. He wont let anyone use and abuse you just because you got the hook up to the best party, best booze or best party favors. Because he's a true bestie.
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"is that a thing?" 馃槀馃槀馃槀 Oh lana lana LAAAAAANNAAAAAA.... what?! ::laughs:: Between Archer Bob's burgers and Ventures brothers.. Those cartoons feed my soul like cocaine feeds Pam馃槀馃槀
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@danidee I'm totally watching Archer tonight the episode when Pam gets the CB handle Snow ball 馃槀馃槀
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I need to watch season six ASAP!
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I love archer
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