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After the Paris attacks, with the Brussels lockdown, and now more tension between Turkey and Russia.. there is a lot of conflict in dealing with ISIS. And even more threats from ISIS, it seems the world lens is focused on the Middle East.
But while the news is out of Syria, their are still reports of refugees escaping the country and looking for places to live.
The U.S. was quick to share their opinion on allowing Syrian refugees into the country. All political candidates for presidents where asked, and here's their opinion.
Then, governors of every state were asked what their opinions on allowing foreign refugees. The overwhelming majority said, "no way" to allowing refugees.
Meanwhile, Canada made the announcement today that they will be allowing Syrian refugees into the country.

Yes Refugees Argument

Refugees have nothing to do with ISIS, and barring them from help is only turning poor family away from seeking asylum. If our country was under attack and we needed to seek asylum, we would look to other countries to help us to. Also, barring these people from our country only creates more hate, we are a nation of immigrants.

No Refugees Argument

ISIS is a big threat, and by allowing these refugees to come into our country means that we are potentially letting ISIS into our nation. This could cause other potential threats to our nation, including bombings and shootings. Also, more people means more mouths to feed, and jobs taken away.

What is your opinion on allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S./ into other countries? Should this be a State or Federal issue?

Let's all share our opinions on this issue respectfully and honestly! :)
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Hello everyone in light of this horrible tragedy, 14 persons on US soil have lost their lives going to a work Christmas party. By a immigrant and her husband, he was a Professional Engineer and she was a Dr./ Pharmacist in her home country. Again are we now willing to visit that letting THOUSANDS of immigrants with no background checks or circumventing the current system which is a thorough process that may take years to grant immediate asylum to who knows who and who knows their intent is a VERY BAD IDEA. I am not a racist, bigot, hater prejudice or any of that, I just know the enemy we face is EVIL beyond words and we will NEVER be safe if we allow our enemies on our soil. Please pray for the families and the victims, and always follow you own GUT feelings and stay safe! I don't care how much the tickets to the game cost, or who wants you to go to that special event, if it doesn't feel right DON'T GO! if you suspect anything call law enforcement NOW!, don't buy into that second guessing yourself because you don't want to Feel or people to think you are Racist or prejudice. or that crazy idea that my family granpa and granma were immigrants so I've got to support immigrants coming here. NO THIS IS A NEW DAY AND NEW IDEAS EXIST! How to help stay safe? always tell your family and friends where you are going, who you'll be with, and when your coming back. I was a Law Enforcement officer for over 12 years until I opened my own business, and these are things I share with my family and friends, on how to stay safe and how being observant can save your life and others. KNOW many things could have been prevented if the person observing the "something doesn't look RIGHT event" would have just called Law Enforcement! so many people have told me that they " didn't want to bother the cops because they were not sure". We have to help each other and "We are Our Brother's Keeper", DON'T think someone else will call the Cops. It is our responsibility to keep our communities and families safe. and Gun Control is NOT the answer. Guns don't kill people, crazy people with Guns kill people. So if you know your husband, uncle, brother, father,mother wife, child etc. is taking psychiatric medications and seeing a Dr. for mental illness and they buy a gun ( which they lied on their application to get, checking they are not on prescription psychotropic medications or are mentally defective) YOU KNOW THEY ARE! so YOU CALL AND REPORT THEM TO LAW ENFORCEMENT. THAT ONE CALL MAY SAVE MANY LIVES. IT IS EVERYONES RESPONSIBILITY. STEP UP!
@itiswhatitis365 Man...shame on you for trying to use a tragedy to force your point. The guy Farook was born in Chicago man, his wife came over as his spouse not as a refugee. Are you now saying that even those who marry US citizens born and bred shouldn't be allowed in? The US is a country built on immigration, if it wasn't, all that would be there would be the Indigenous Americans. I can assure you that the US does background checks on EVERYONE it lets in. @itiswhatitis365
Shame on me? I have done nothing shameful, I simply pointed out the obvoius, I am NOT happy there are crazy people out here doing bad things. My point is one of safety for me, you and everyone Else. Also factual data deals with actual events not text book "scholar" theory, (boots on the ground), and this was a tragic event that I hope never happens again So pointing out this was a immigration issue is reality, if she was not here, (Denied stamped on her Visa) she would not have been her to participate in anything Evil, bad or illegal. I am saddened that most want to be right at any cost. I hope to be wrong, but I doubt that I am. also We need to "plug the leaks", in the background process, not cut bigger holes to allow more leaks. I respectfully agree to disagree with your position, but I would still risk MY life to help you if you needed me.
Your post was irrelevant to the subject of the card @itiswhatitis365 and as such part of what I believe is an irresponsible and irrelevant response to what we can all agree was a disgraceful and sad event yesterday. What upsets me and I see as shameful is that people make the irrelevant connection and use to to make a political point. The subject of the card was refugees. No refugees (apart from perhaps vicitims) were involved in the tragic incident. I agree, screening should be comprehensive and regardless of how people arrive on our shores, there should be due diligence. From all reports I have seen they wouldn't have made a difference in this instance. People do bad things regardless of their country of origin. When people have easy and legal access to semi automatic weapons this kind of thing can happen, and has on 355 occasions (if not more by now) in the US this year. Passports and places of birth do not make killers. The issue is way more complicated than your simple close the border theory.
I agree, the solution is beyond both of our "Pay Grades". In fact there is no solution, as evil and violence is unfortunately part of the human condition and will never be curbed, however closer screening processes will definitely make a difference, also the "guns are easy to get arguement", is also holds no validity, firearms have been around since the late 1600's so if a gun is never manufactured again on this planet as of December 5th 2015, (close colt, smith and wesso, glock and every other manufacturer) there are enough guns and ammo "on the streets and in closets" world-wide to fuel hundreds of conflicts for decades to come. Once those weapons have been exhausted, humans will continue their bad deeds and evil ways, with stones and other fabricated weapons. So I agree neither of our positions my simple "Close the boarder" position , and your "open the boarder" position are actual solutions, they are simply our views.