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After the Paris attacks, with the Brussels lockdown, and now more tension between Turkey and Russia.. there is a lot of conflict in dealing with ISIS. And even more threats from ISIS, it seems the world lens is focused on the Middle East.
But while the news is out of Syria, their are still reports of refugees escaping the country and looking for places to live.
The U.S. was quick to share their opinion on allowing Syrian refugees into the country. All political candidates for presidents where asked, and here's their opinion.
Then, governors of every state were asked what their opinions on allowing foreign refugees. The overwhelming majority said, "no way" to allowing refugees.
Meanwhile, Canada made the announcement today that they will be allowing Syrian refugees into the country.

Yes Refugees Argument

Refugees have nothing to do with ISIS, and barring them from help is only turning poor family away from seeking asylum. If our country was under attack and we needed to seek asylum, we would look to other countries to help us to. Also, barring these people from our country only creates more hate, we are a nation of immigrants.

No Refugees Argument

ISIS is a big threat, and by allowing these refugees to come into our country means that we are potentially letting ISIS into our nation. This could cause other potential threats to our nation, including bombings and shootings. Also, more people means more mouths to feed, and jobs taken away.

What is your opinion on allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S./ into other countries? Should this be a State or Federal issue?

Let's all share our opinions on this issue respectfully and honestly! :)
I think US should accept refugees, but not only US, many other countries should. My family told me a couple of weeks ago that if the government asks who wants to provide shelter in their house, they will accept a family or even adopt a child.
I will add my little thoughts. Yes I think we should help and accept them in but I do think screening should be done and through. Id also consider it federal. We should accept as a country not individual states. That being said I have very little knowledge on this so I can only say this from what credible things I know.
I'm descended form people who came to America seeking refuge, so personally I believe strongly that we have a moral obligation to continue doing so. Like @SydneyHogg said that's where most of us here came from. And while yes, we have a huge problem in this country when it comes to the distribution of wealth and resources (one which I've struggled because of on more than one occasion), we currently have more than we'll ever need. Yes, there is a risk when it comes to terrorists coming in with refugees. But the truth is they'll come anyway. Or they'll do damage to our offshore bases and territories. The people that we fear are the same people that the refugees are fleeing, which means they're on our side. I think that in light of current events we should be looking at more ways to detect threats, more ways to prevent attacks before they occur, and maybe that means using more resources to keep everyone safe. But banning refugees will only give ISIS/Daesh what they want. They want to increase Isalmiphobia and prejudice to convince more people to join them. Banning refugees and creating fear at home will do exactly that- and it will do next to nothing to prevent the people who intend to do us harm from doing do. They're determined, if they want do hurt us they'll find a way
Yes security and stability are both very important, but closing the borders is exactly what ISIS wants....they don't want these refugees leaving the country.
we have to face reality, there are people that want to kill us, and they aren't worried about using there own people as cover to do evil. so many people come here looking for help but because of the a******s it destroys it for the others. cartels do the same thing, they use ordinary people to do their crap. it's a bad situation that's getting worse and has become politicized.
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