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This is going to be a fan fiction about a romance blossoming between you and Jin. Now please forgive me this is the first-time I write something like this, so tell me how you think about this. Let's begin!!! Chapter 1
ugh it Saturday. I was suppose to get up to buy something at the mall. ugh I hate getting up so early and then going into a crowded place. oh well, I walked in and bought a dress that I need for an upcoming event at my job. It was a black dress with lace on the sleeves. I started to walk towards the food court. I want to some of my favorite food [Your fave restaurant]
all of a sudden there is a huge crowd. I couldn't get through. I heard from a distance girls talking about some celebrity... uhhhhhhhh why today out of all days. Next thing I know i was pushed in to a hall by the crowd and lost my balance. "ahhhhh" my phone fell on the phone then someone grab my arm and waist. Once I got my balance I looked up. flustered and said thank you. I saw this man he was gorgeous but I feel like I know him. The mystery man said " are you okay? are you hurt? I am so sorry for what happen? people need to pay attention? " I just nodded yes. He picked up my phone then said "my name is Jin" at that moment a call come through to his phone. once the call was done he looked at me and said "I am so sorry I got to go I hope to see you soon." then dashed off.
I was dumbfound. once I was able to get my self together I left home.
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