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(if you can not see the text, please click on the photo and you should be able to zoom in or out. I make my post through my mobile phone because my computers are down.. ::instant sad face ::) ✨ ✨ Wade and his forth wall break! Got to love it! Let's roll that reel!✨ ✨
Wade darling, you have an excess of ALL THE SINS you're one spicy dude!
To my fellow Mercs with Mouths and the rest of the Vingle community, here is a link to everything I post that has something to do with Deadpool.. http://www.vingle.net/collections/3554728?cshsrc=v If you are a fan of Deadpool please follow my collection and tag me @lavonyork in any Deadpool related material you might post! I would love to add it to my "Deadpool makes me laugh" collection, if that is alright with you. ✨ Mercs with Mouths, I do have a list that have your names on them and I will tag you in any random Deadpool post I create! If you like to be removed from my tagging list, feel free to DM me or leave it in the comments below! I do not want to annoy anyone with my post. I do try to do at least a daily post that includes Deadpool! This is very important.. I really try to take other people's thoughs in consideration and I do not want to smother anyone with my love for the Deadpool character btw I do love other characters too. Deadpool just happens to be the one that makes me laugh the most and laugher is one of the best medicines to have in life daily! ✨ Tag you're it! Mercs with mouths @MichaelOgg  @SamTheMallow  @BeannachtOraibh  @JoshuaGraston  @Kirooken  @shannonl5 @jak91 @trin1991 @jonathanbellamy @sammsosa @lostpastaproxy @elijah101 @XxChato03 @peahyr @KaitlinUlrich @LigerP @CarissaLeal @Kazukisolanon @KristianHampton @DustinAtkinson @txSuspect214 @MotherEffinPoe @redapple615 @shogu12s @DLowLewis @nobankai @S92pk @IsaacAmbrose @TambryInskeep @MotherEffinPoe @LAVONYORK @Rafamike @JonathanBellamy @trin1991 @JoshuaGraston @Namrow @brandongromala @Jak91 @Fallout14 @SamTheMallow @CandaceJordan @DarthRevan @MelvinManning @Calanator @twistedreaper6 @MichaelOgg @Kirooken @DerpyPantz @Lawlpool @kenjutsu101 @electica @SterlingH89 @Jak91 @kuzuri96 @MichelleHolly @Taigara @Zeta @CodyBunting @chuyslim @AutummUmphries @EmmaLeaBell @JrGrimes @idonthaveoneema @Kirooken @Bakuman247 @nobankai @shannonl5
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Larger Print added!
@shannonl5 *I broke the 4th wall once -no you didn't, you broke your wrists, sternum, and a couple ribs- *Are you sure I never broke the 4th wall?* -positive- *Damn* (Yea that would've been hardcore) [You're telling me] * No I'm pretty sure he was telling me xD* - I'm surrounded by idiots- *I see you over there Mr Grumpy Gills xD*
@LaVonDangerous if he didn't break the fourth wall all the time he wouldn't be deadpool lol
@LAVONYORK Yea u got me down
my favorite marvel super hero/villain the guys awesome
damn, he even managed t9 get ghost rider attention with his pure awesomeness. atta boy Wayde 👍
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