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The Warriors are off to a 15-0 start, and while their win total is impressive, Lebron James feels that talent isn't the deciding factor in Golden State's success.
According to Lebron, the key to the Warriors success, beyond Curry is simple and obvious: avoiding injuries.
"I think it comes with a lot of health," James said when asked about the Warriors tying the all-time mark for best start to a season at 15-0. "They've been healthy. They've been the most healthy team I've ever seen in NBA history, and they have great talent. Those guys all play for one common goal and that's to win, and that's all that matters."
What do you guys think, is Lebron being a bit melodramatic on this one? While health has played a factor, is he downplaying their talent? Do you think the Cavs would be this good at full strength?
Yeah if the cabs were healthy it could have been a different story but still the warriors are pretty good and both teams improved this year
You planning on watching the GSW game tonight?
@Darlin972 I'd be fun to see them back at it!
But still....15-0 is very impressive even with a full strengths squad!
I also think that if the Cavs had a full squad during the championship series last season, they would've won the whole thing!
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